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  • July/August 2018 - Understanding the New Child Tax Credit  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCIA) greatly expands the Child Tax Credit...Read More

  • May/June 2018 - Estate Planning for Digital Assets  Today we live in a digital world. We connect with friends, families and others using electronic devices, like our smart phones and computers. Read More

  • March/April 2018 - Affluenza: Prevention & Treatment  In the comming years, baby boomers will transfer about $30 trillion to their children and grandchildren.  But, most will be lost within three generations.  Read More

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  • Third Quarter 2018: Stocks closed the second quarter flat-to-higher.  At quarter-end, the Dow stood at 24,271 (↓ 1.8%), S&P stood at 2,718(↑ 1.7%) and the NASDAQ Composite stood at 7,510 (↑ 8.8%). Read More.

  • Second Quarter 2018: The first quarter ended with a thud. Thus ending an unprecidented period of low volatility where stocks closed higher and higher for nine consecutive quarters. Read More.

  • First Quarter 2018: 2017 was a banner year. By year-end, real gross domestic product (GDP) was growing at a 3% pace...the fastest pace since 2005. Read More

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