Financial Planning

Defining the dream…designing the plan.

No two clients are exactly alike. So, our services are tailored to the unique needs of each financial planning client. For some, we provide comprehensive services covering all aspects of their financial affairs (cash flow, income taxation, risk management, investments, college funding, employee benefits, retirement planning, and estate planning). For others, we provide targeted services covering only one or two aspects.

Whichever service is best for you, we follow the same systematic approach to assure a quality result. We begin by getting to know you, collecting your financial facts and developing a good understanding of your personal circumstances and values. From there, we work with you to establish specific goals, quantifying them in terms of time and money. After conducting a thoughtful analysis of your goals and resources, we develop alternative strategies to help achieve your goals. Then working closely with you and your other advisors (as you desire), we select the optimal strategies and develop a plan to implement them in an effective and timely manner.

Your written financial plan is designed to communicate this information in a useful and understandable manner. Over time, you can use it to track your progress toward your goals. Your advisors can use it to gain insight into your financial affairs. In an emergency, your family can use it to obtain vital information, quickly.

Financial planning is a dynamic process.

Over time, people change and so do the factors influencing their financial plans. On a regular basis, we help our clients review their financial plans, monitoring for changes in their lives, tax regulations, and the economy. When required, we help our clients update their financial plans and implement the appropriate changes.


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